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Lathe boring hole method of floating car

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      The car hole method of floating boring cutter knife head is the two cutting edge will have positive and negative symmetrical, matched and installed in the knife rod hole, lathe cutter for the radial free floating, and automatic alignment hole, namely the center of the surface to be processed.
      This cutting method makes the positive and negative two cutting edges evenly shoulder the cutting and equalizing symmetrical cutting, so that the radial resistance is counterbalanced each other, so that the center of the cutter head is always coaxial with the rotating center of the workpiece, thus improving the rigidity of the inner tool and making the cutting stable. Floating boring tool car hole by F? L diameter above ~30mm L jiDI'-0 8 can be obtained. The fine surface roughness value above M and IT8 UIWJR-.t;%Sf.
      The structure of floating boring cutter and there is a whole assembly of type two, when turning large aperture, can be assembled 'in order to adjust the radial dimension. Fine boring head lathe lathe tool can be used in the form of a smoothing blade, and a flat polishing edge end grinding 2. A transition edge of a ship or a ship.
      However, only with the axis of the cutting hole floating boring tool, and not change the hole straightness and concentricity. Therefore, in the use of floating boring tool, must guarantee the processing precision of iL in the bottom first, which can be suitable for machining allowance and uniform, and have good surface straightness and concentricity and position precision. The lathe can be used for supporting long rod processing method of bottom hole, then floating boring.
      Lathe in addition to this, in the use of floating boring tool car hole, should also pay attention to the following problems:
1) the cutter head of the lathe and the square hole of the knife rod must be kept in clearance, and the clearance is not greater than that of the gap.  .02mm.
2) the lathe tool bar should be revolving to the center of the workpiece, the square hole should be slippery by Zhou Zhengping, the center line should pass the axis axis, the inner surface should be perpendicular to the axis of the workpiece.
3) the positive and negative two cutting edges of the lathe tool should be parallel to the symmetrical axis of the inner hole of the workpiece and the axis of the lathe.
4) lathe floating boring tool is only applicable to non continuous cutting, hole wall intermittent cutting groove etc..
0.2mm, when cutting with high speed iO head, a smaller cutting amount should be selected. The allowance for machining should be less than 0 2mm, and the cutting speed is lo-n / m, for example, enter JJ~himrdrk, and add enough coolant.
6) the floating cutter head should have enough strength and wear resistance to prevent the cutting edge to wear and affect the processing quality.
7) in order to eliminate the chip in time, the high pressure pump can be injected into the coolant when necessary.

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