Company profile

      Qingdao Jun letter Machinery Co. Ltd., founded in 2009, after years of accumulation and development, Longmen has been equipped with machining center, CNC machine tools, machining centers, T162 and other large lathe boring machine and planer mill series of processing equipment and various welding equipment, sheet metal equipment. The company has technology, production, sales, finance and other processing departments. It is a private technology enterprise with independent research and design capabilities and strong machining capabilities. At present, it is preparing to declare high-tech enterprises and carry out ISO9000 and ISO14000 certification. The company has been insisting on technological innovation for a long time. It always puts the improvement of processing technology level and R & D technology in the first place. In recent years, the supporting capabilities of large scale advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises have been continuously improved.
      The core business and product of the company
      Our company's core businesses mainly consist of two main categories, one is the accessory processing of advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises, and the other two is the R & D and production of precision electromechanical integration products.
      Auxiliary parts processing of advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises
      This business is mainly about the design and manufacture of general equipment for tire building machine, special accessory parts and tooling. At present, it is a backbone supplier of related customers for the company's mainstream business. The tire molding machine general equipment series of online products there are more than 30 types of listed companies, and Beijing mesnac aviation science and Technology Research Institute (625), the main customers of Shanghai Jingyuan company, China Jianlun company, Beijing hengchi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. high-tech enterprises. There are more than 40 kinds of products for the design and manufacture of special accessory parts and tooling. In the domestic business part, we undertake the processing and maintenance of mechanical components and equipment parts.

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