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Necessity and feasibility of maintenance and renovation of C

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    In the early 80s of the last century, China began to use CNC machine tools in a large scale. There are many factors to maintain and upgrade the existing machine tools.
1, in many industries, these CNC equipments are in key jobs. Some of them are running for a long time or even overloaded. At the same time, they lack serious maintenance and repair, resulting in serious wear and loss of accuracy.
2, due to the change of user and product structure, or because of insufficient technical force, it has been idle for a long time. When some CNC machines need to be used, it is found that machine tools can not be used.
3, because of the needs of new product manufacturing, the performance of the original CNC machine tools can no longer meet the requirements of use, and it is urgent to upgrade and upgrade. At the same time, due to the rapid development of computer technology, CNC system and drive system update is accelerating, so we need to update CNC system.
      This is a large number of equipment stock assets, the repair is wealth. As long as we find out the main technical difficulties and solve the key technical problems, we can maximize the stock assets with the minimum investment and maximize the economic and social benefits. Especially for the imported CNC machine tools, it has spent hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of dollars. If there is no breakdown after failure, it will cause great economic losses. Compared with the purchase of new machine tools, the maintenance and upgrading of NC machine tools can achieve the same effect if they only spend less than 30% of the same new machine tools. Therefore, the NC maintenance and transformation of machine tools has many advantages.
      NC machine tool maintenance and reconstruction of the target, is mainly used on the fault diagnosis and recovery are part of the machine; can also add CNC system on general machine tools, transformed into NC or CNC machine tool; can also carry out reform of mechanical and electrical parts, in order to improve the precision of the machine tool, the efficiency or degree of automation; can also update technology or the technical innovation based on the original performance, timely improve the level and efficiency of the equipment, equipment to improve the quality and grade of the old machine will be transformed into the current level of machine etc..
      The technical feasibility analysis and economic feasibility analysis should be carried out first in the implementation of numerical control machine tool maintenance and transformation. From the position of the machine tool in this unit in product manufacturing and the important degree analysis of transformation of value; from the input and output of the machine rate estimates, whether can quickly recover the investment, it can quickly produce good benefits; improve the accuracy of machine tools transformation, increase the function, whether can make the unit to improve the level of products or, is conducive to the development of new products, so as to obtain additional benefits. At the same time, the preparation of the technical plan should be carried out.
1. Mechanical and hydraulic systems
To check the accuracy of machine tools, the status of mechanical transmission chain, the condition of ball screws and rails, and whether there is any major failure, we will determine the maintenance and transformation plan of machine tool (overhaul or repair). If a non NC machine tool is to be replaced by a CNC machine tool, the feasibility of mechanical modification is the first consideration. The most important is the form of the guide way and the installation of ball screw, and then whether the transmission clearance and transmission rigidity of the mechanical transmission mechanism conform to the requirements of NC machine tools.
2. Electrical system
The CNC system is selected according to the state and technological requirements of the machine tool. Based on the characteristics of CNC system, a detailed understanding of the use of more cost performance and functional requirements of the machine tool and other indicators, select a suitable numerical control system, and determine whether the replacement drive system, so as to satisfy all requirements and improve the function of machine tool standard.
      For peripheral circuits, there are two ways to transform, which are "interface transformation", that is, retaining the peripheral relay circuit, only transforming NC and PLC. The new PLC does not participate in peripheral circuit control, and only processes the command signals required by NC. The design and debugging work of the scheme is small.  The other is "thorough transformation". When the relay logic is complex, the failure rate is high, and there is a clear logic diagram, the PLC can be rebuilt by the new NC, which simplifies the peripheral circuit, and rationally utilizes the control ability of PLC. This scheme can simplify the hardware circuit and improve the reliability.

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