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Machining process

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The machining process is the process of manufacturing or processing parts or parts. Mechanical processing is adopted to directly change the shape, size and surface quality of the blank, making it a part process, which is called the machining process. For example, the processing process of an ordinary part is rough machining - finishing - assembly - Inspection - packaging, which is a general process of processing.
The machining process is in process on the basis of the change of production object shape, size, relative location and nature, make it become products or semi-finished products, each step, each process in detail, for example, the above said, rough machining may include blank manufacturing, grinding, machining may be divided into the car and fitter, milling machine, and so on, each step will have detailed data, such as roughness and how to achieve and how to achieve tolerance.
According to the quantity of products, the condition of equipment and the quality of workers, technical personnel determine the technological process adopted, and write the relevant contents into process documents, which is called process regulations. This is more pertinent. Every factory may not be the same, because the actual situation is different.
Generally speaking, the technological process is a program, and the processing technology is the detailed parameter of every step. The process regulation is a specific processing technology written by a factory according to the actual situation.
Machining process
The machining process planning process is one of the documented parts machining process and operation method, it is in the specific production conditions, the process and method of operation is reasonable, in accordance with the provisions written into the process documents, the guide for production approval. The machining process specification generally includes the following contents: the technological route of workpiece processing, the specific contents of each process, the equipment and process equipment used, the inspection items and inspection methods, the cutting amount and the time quota.

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